Create personalised video lessons for your pilates clients


Gaku is a simple and elegant app designed for Pilates instructors.


Create personalised video lessons from a library of exercises that you’ve recorded yourself. Your clients can watch your lessons anytime on the Gaku app for free. Lessons are like playlists and can be created in just a couple of minutes.


Get started


Creating an account is free and takes less than a minute.


Simply download the app.



Make sure your clients are improving their technique at home.


Clients can study your specific technique with rather than watching videos by other instructors.


Record each exercise separately so you can quickly build both personalised and common lessons from your video library.


Keep your clients engaged in between sessions and add huge value to your service.


How much does it cost?

Gaku is currently free for both Instructors and Clients!
I know, right?!

In the future, we may add premium paid-for features but there will always be the option to allow your clients to access your lessons for free.


How does it work?

Very much like Pilates, Gaku looks very simple but there is a lot of clever stuff going on in the background! Building your home practice resources in Gaku will save you time and keep your clients engaged.



You can record individual exercises (e.g. Pelvic Curl) on your phone or with a camera wherever you are. Then upload each one to your Gaku video library.


Creating a Lesson takes just a couple of minutes.

Decide on a lesson title, for example "Pelvic Stability". Then add a few of your appropriate exercise videos from the library.

You can now assign this lesson to any of your clients.


Gaku will let your client know that you've assigned them a lesson. They can then open the Gaku app and see all of the lessons you've given them access to.

One tap will play all of the lesson videos in sequence and they can repeat exercises whenever they like.


Clients will also be able to see any personalised notes you've added for the lesson e.g. "Sarah, because of your ankle, watch you don't roll out onto the outside of the foot".

Our friends and collaborators

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Equipment, Mat and 1 : 1 Pilates instruction in Bath and Bristol.


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Why "Gaku"?

The word ‘Gakusei’ is a Japanese word for a student and the root ‘Gaku’ means study. Just like the service, its snappy and unique!


Gaku was created by the design and technology agency Gravitywell. We’re also Pilates fans! The first version of Gaku was designed and built in just 1 week, during our annual Hackathon event in Cornwall. Read the story of our Pilates project week over on our blog.

What's next for Gaku?

This is only the beginning! We’ve got a roadmap of improvements and new features to look forward to. One example feature is the ability to provide one-to-one lessons through the app as a paid-extra for your clients.

Also, we're hoping to open up the apps for other professionals, such as Physiotherapists and Yoga teachers.


Send us your feedback

What do you think of Gaku? Are there any features you would like to see? Is there anything preventing you from using it right now? Let us know by dropping us a line.

Thank you for your feedback 🙂